The AMADEUS™ software and consulting services utilize a Cloud-Based Software as a Service (SaaS) application to analyze mail.dat files to determine the optimal, and most cost-effective method of transportation through a combination of consolidation, co-palletization, and commingling.

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  • fast

    Amadeus is capable of processing over 1 Million pieces PER SECOND!

    This allows for the ability to run multiple scenarios over and over again until you achieve exactly the results you are looking for. Amadeus is an ideal application for:
    Transportation Optimization, As-Marked Quoting, Comparison Quotes, Pricing Score, Card Analysis, and "What If?" Analysis

  • accurate

    Amadeus has tackled the recursive challenge of re-calculating shuttles and minimum charges when shifting freight from consolidation. It's unique algorthm goes the extra step to ensure the analysis is correct, and verifies the results are valid after each pass.

    It is also clever enough to estimate how shuttles will be loaded and is able to pro-rate, or allocate 100% of the charges to the freight estimated to arrive on the shuttles. Once complete, it then determines minimum destination charges by the user-specified aggregation method to further ensure the results will be as close to reality as possible.

  • maximum savings

    Amadeus' unique iterative analysis and tray-level breakup options allow for the most accurate and granular savings possible.

    We take into account fixed or variable consolidation pricing, inbound shuttle cost, minimum destination charge aggregations, preperation fees, agent markups, and more.

case studies
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  • feedback-1
    Troy EvansIndustry Expert

    Amadeus is a game-changer in terms of its speed, accuracy, and savings potential.

  • feedback-2
    Dan MinnickMail.dat Founder and Workgroup Chairman, Emeritus

    Your organization is providing the industry with a Business-Changing opportunity, the likes of which has not surfaced in 20 years...

  • feedback-3
    Shaun NicholsonSoftware Engineer

    Amadeus' complex and robust pricing engine is so fast and accurate, it's completely changed the way we quote jobs for our clients.

  • feedback-4
    Shawn LaforestSales Manager

    The Amadeus software service will provide our clients and potential clients with a robust solution that helps achieve additional postage savings, while at the same time determining the most cost-effective methods of transportation.

  • feedback-5
    Donald LaBarreInformation Technology Expert

    This is a utility that should have been around years ago. On the surface it performs a simple function, but the behind-the-scenes complexity provides huge savings potential.